Japanese popular culture has influenced the entire world, and examining the aspects of Japanese popular culture will certainly aid in understanding the hobbies and interests of thousands of people across the globe. Some people think of Japan and picture Pokemon’s huge impact on the global industry; others see Japan as a benevolent breeding ground for unique television shows and comic books that have a distinctly Japanese style. However, regardless of how one views Japan, it is undeniable that this particular nation has inspired humans of all ages in a variety of locations. In order to completely understand Japanese popular culture, it is essential that one is aware of its most common aspects.

There are three parts of Japanese popular culture that will be discussed. Kawaii, manga, and anime are the three aspects of Japan that make the country’s culture what it is today. Kawaii, which is defined as an overwhelming appearance of cuteness, is important to the Japanese. “Cuteness” itself is a highly valued characteristic and is used for all sorts of marketing in Japan. Manga, which are Japanese-style comics, also have a prevalent place in Japan’s popular culture as the sale of such comic books help bring income flowing from international avenues. Lastly, anime, which is an animated cartoon that is often televised, is an important part of Japan’s popular culture.

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